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View Power BI Reporting Dashboard Demos for Multiple Industries

DataToBiz has already helped different domains with their Power BI solutions. Visualise these interactive Power BI demonstrations for deep understanding of your workplace analytics with the guided dashboards.



View Supermarket Sales analysis further segmented into performance analysis, market analysis and category analysis.



View Manufacturing trend line, sales analysis of goods & services and year wise sales analysis for principal statistics.


Sales and Purchase

View customer sales analysis, total purchase by supplier category, purchase quantity by delivery method, year-wise and product-wise comparisons by total purchase.



View company’s revenue statistics, company sales, monthly revenue percentages, quarter segment sales and sales by segments in categories.


Oil and gas

View average credit limit per customer categories, tax amount & transactions vs profit for customer categories, financial summary, profits & expense statistics, customer fulfillment statistics etc


View monthly sales analysis & comparison, city-wise sales analysis, user sales data, quarter-wise user retention/Cohort analysis.

Govt Sector (PWD Department)

View number of incidents by districts, incidents location heat map, call count by year/month, toll collection data, contractor trend analysis.


View balance sheet analysis, profit & loss analysis, cash ratio/cash flow analysis and more

What Power BI can do for you?

Analyse data trends to achieve goals

We help you set benchmarks and achieve goals by bringing all data sources together for analysis, be it third-party platforms, IoT sensors or others.

Real-time natural language processing

Power BI services provide setting up NLP so you can easily query your data in plain language and get answers in real-time.

Experts in Advanced analytics

Our data science consultants help you leverage the power of BI integrated with R and Python scripts, ensuring you don’t miss out on any growth opportunity.

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Power BI specially crafted for your business needs

Data and Business Analysts

To help data analysts efficiently dig deeper into their data, we set up advanced Power BI features such as map visualizations with Bing Maps. This helps in unfolding the platform’s predictive analytics potential with R scripts & Python scripts.

Business users

Interactive and highly engaging visualizations help in making more informed decisions in any business. We help you monitor performance by timely detecting shifts in your business performance.

Cross-functional teams

Our integrated Power BI services help in monitoring KPIs and other critical parameters with comprehensive, all-encompassing reports enabling teams to access reports in a matter of seconds.

Power BI consulting services to enhance growth of your business

Power BI Integration

Our Power BI experts design, build, and deploy Power BI to make it a versatile tool for your business requirements; delivering value from the first day itself.

Power BI Implementation

We use the results from analysis to work on the roadmap for implementation, set up and roll out Power BI in transparent stages. Our experts begin with delivering the best business analysis services with technological assessment.

Power BI Development

Our array of services also includes integrating Power BI visualizations into external portals to help in validation of embedded Power BI analytics for those associates who do not use the platform.

Power BI Customization

We deliver a full-scale report and dashboard customization to help our clients get a multi-dimensional perspective of all their datasets, without them having to leave the comfort of their virtual workspace.

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