Welcome to the Data Maturity Workshop Assessment

This survey will help you figure out how your business is doing with data and whether it's ready for the data revolution. Plus, there's a free reward included!

Data Maturity Assessment

Rate your organization's data maturity level from "basic" to "advanced" or just tap "yes" or "no" for the following questions.

1. Data Strategy

Where do you currently stand with your enterprise data management plan/strategy?

2. Data Quality

How much does your business emphasize data quality?

3. Data Privacy and Security

To what degree does your business adhere to data privacy and security standards?

4. Data Warehousing

Do you use a data warehouse in your business?

5. BI Integration

Do you utilize advanced BI tools (Ex. Power BI/Tableau) for insights?

6. AI/ML Implementation

Are artificial intelligence/ machine learning tools or solutions part of your business operations?

7. What problems is your organization currently dealing with regarding data?

8.What help or additional info would be useful for boosting your organization's data maturity?

9. What are you hoping to get out of the Data Maturity Consultation Workshop?

Feel free to mention specific areas or topics you'd like us to cover.

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